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Gardenscapes Hack

Gardenscapes has become a hugely popular game attracting masses and masses of digital gardeners over it’s relatively short time adorning our Apple, Google Play stores and PCs. After inheriting an estate from your long-lost uncle you are set with the mammoth task of playing gardener to sort out the overgrown garden of neglect. In order to accomplish each task handed to you in the early stages (brush up the leaves, install new benches and fix the fountain) you will be needing stars. To gain these you are required to play short mini-games which follow the well-tried and well-tested ‘match three’ genre. Coins are made during these mini-games and can be used to upgrade items in your garden (such as the aforementioned benches and fountains). While this sounds relatively simple and actually is, at first. The game fast becomes demanding on your coins and stars and sees you running low quickly. This means endless waiting around and can bring a certain tedium to an otherwise perfect game. To combat this and to keep you gardening for hours on end, Justfasthacks have yet again brought the gaming community a solution with our Gardenscapes Hack.

About Our Gardenscapes New Acres Hack

Our Gardenscapes hack is lovingly coded in a magical blend of the Perl and Ruby programming languages. Using these two options we have been able to keep our Gardenscapes hack 100% web-based. This means, there’s no need to worry about downloading any dodgy programs or unknowingly installing any third-party software and you can simply concentrate on using our Gardenscape New Acres hack to do what it’s intended to do and that’s to bring you, the community, the ability to play until your heart’s content and buy what you wish to make your garden spring into life the way you intended.

How to Use Our Gardenscapes Hack

Our online hack takes you through the process step-by-step. Here’s the few steps you need to take to unlock unlimited coins and stars on Gardenscapes New Acres:

  • Enter the email connected to your Gardenscapes account (Facebook or Google) and select whether you would like to use our proxy.

  • Select how many coins and stars you would like to generate.

  • Click ‘Next’ and sit back and watch our Gardenscapes hack add the resources straight to your account

  • Once your resources are ready to send to your account you will be asked to complete a short survey. This is purely to verify you’re human and was introduced after a spam attack earlier last month.

Features of Our Gardenscape Hack

  • Web-Based: Because our tool is 100% browser based you can use without fear of virus’ and any unwanted third-party software.

  • Simple to Use: Our Gardenscapes hack was coded with simplicity in mind. There is no need for any prior knowledge in order to use our tool

  • Free to Use: As all our tools, our Gardenscapes New Acres hack is 100% free to use and, of course, unlimited. However, we do encourage fair use.