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Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom took the mobile gaming scene by storm when it was released in April of 2017. Receiving a great reception from the mobile gaming community, Pocket Gamer fast realised they were onto a real winner and their hopes are now definitely confirmed with over 10,000,000 installs to-date. The action-packed, Blitz Brigade killer gives everything a gamer could hope for. With eye-popping visuals at every turn, a huge collection of amazing weaponry and finely-balanced gameplay, Pocket Gamer presented the community with an absolute gem of a game and one that will continue to grow and grow as more and more people find out how much it actually has to offer.

About our Guns of Boom Hack

Our Guns of Boom Hack is lovingly crafter in a blend of PHP and Ruby and maintained by a small team of coding professionals. With a user-interface designed with simplicity in mind our Guns of Boom hack is 100% fool-proof and can be used with ease by anyone with access to a computer or mobile device. Seriously, my cat could do this (given a cat-friendly device, of course).

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Our Games of Boom hack tool is simply oozing with some super-smart features to make your experience as pleasant as possible while not compromising on efficiency and speed. To list all these features would take a long time, but here’s some of the more notable ones that go to make our Guns of Boom hack the best there is.

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